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Do you have a tooth fracture that’s stopping you from enjoying your summer activities? Here at New Lenox Dental Group, we strive to provide the care you need to fix your dental fracture and prevent it from further damage. This can occur in the event of an injury, biting down on something hard enough, grinding of the teeth, or decay over time, often causing a constant and annoying pain.

If left untreated, bacteria and plaque buildup can creep in to cause infections and decay. Fixing the fracture will get rid of buildup and stop further decay. A dental filling is the first option your dentist will consider when looking at a dental fracture. This is the simplest procedure to fix your problem.

A dental crown may be recommended and placed by your dentist if the fracture is larger than what a dental filling would be able to fix. If the damage extends to the root or pulp of the tooth, a root canal will be the best fix for you and your smile. This will give you a new structure in the core of the tooth to place a dental crown.

Grinding of the teeth is a large problem and often results in tooth fractures. Most of the time, grinding occurs at night, so speak to your dentist about the choices of a night guard. This will protect your teeth at night, but during the day it’s a little more difficult to break the habit. Try to avoid grinding during the day by chewing on the gum and pinpoint the reasons you may grind.

Do not leave your dental fracture alone, or it may continue to cause further damage or pain. Dr. Caesar Ciaglia and our associates here in New Lenox, Illinois, are ready to assist you with your smile. Give us a call at 815-485-2345 to fix your dental fracture today!