Telescopic Loupes

Dr. Caesar Ciaglia and Dr. Jean Murphy perform many of our procedures at New Lenox Dental Group using telescopic loupes.  Telescopic loupes are binocular-like devices that are worn like glasses to magnify your teeth, allowing our dentists to view the fine details that would otherwise be overlooked.  To learn more about telescopic loupes in New Lenox, Illinois, and to make your appointment at New Lenox Dental Group, please contact our office at 815-485-2345.

By using telescopic loupes, our dentists can enhance their vision 1.5-6x beyond their normal capacity.  Enhanced vision is a necessary tool in dentistry, and loupes enable us to perform the treatments and procedures that require great precision and attention to detail to be successfully completed.  We may also use telescopic loupes in your routine exams to ensure that we can see and examine every detail of your mouth.

Advantages of using telescopic loupes in your treatment include:

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Easier detected of the smallest indications of dental problems (including gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer)
  • Allows our dentists to provide earlier treatment, making your dental care more affordable and less invasive
  • Helps you avoid more invasive procedures (such as oral surgery) in the future

We welcome you to call our practice today for more information about telescopic loupes and schedule your appointment with our dental professionals.