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A beautiful smile makes spending the holidays with loved ones and friends much more enjoyable. To keep your smile in good shape, we urge you to not neglect your oral health care habits. When oral hygiene begins to slip, it can affect both your oral health and the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

Here are a few important dental care tips to help you enjoy a beautiful holiday smile:

– Maintain a balanced diet by eating healthy foods and restricting your intake of sugary and sticky foods such as caramel, taffy, and hard candy.

– Don’t share your toothbrush with a family member or store it next to other toothbrushes, or else it could lead to cross-contamination.

– Ensure your toothbrush head fits comfortably in your mouth and can easily access every surface of your teeth and gums.

– Dental products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance are safe for your smile and can help you improve your oral hygiene.

– Brush your teeth for two minutes at a time at least twice a day and floss daily.

– Replace your toothbrush with a fresh one about every 3-4 months, or when the bristles wear down and look frayed.

– See Dr. Caesar Ciaglia or Dr. Murphy, at our office about every six months for dental checkups.

You can easily maintain a beautiful smile during the holidays with effective oral health care habits. Please feel free to call New Lenox Dental Group at 815-485-2345 today if you would like to speak with our dentist and learn more about efficient dental care in New Lenox, Illinois!