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Although mouthwash is often thought of as a breath-freshener, depending on your particular product, you may be able to improve your oral health care. Listed below are a few common perks of mouthwash:

– Mouthwash often has a variety of uses, but some versions can be highly effective at reducing plaque buildup through the use of fluoride, which has been clinically proven to strengthen tooth enamel.

– When choosing a mouthwash product, look for the American Dental Association’s ADA Seal of Acceptance, which is given to those products which have been deemed highly effective and safe.

– Mouthwash can be used to fight off halitosis disorders, also called bad breath, and prevent it from happening.

– Some forms of mouthwash in today’s market contain ingredients that can help whiten teeth and give your smile a better shine.

– If you are unsure about which mouthwash product will be the perfect fit for your smile, speak with your dentist to discuss which product will suit your needs.

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