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Have you ever experienced jaw pain when chewing gum or performing any other similar activities that involve moving your jaw? If you have, it could be linked to a TMJ disorder. TMJs, also known as temporomandibular joints, are joints in your mouth that are crucial for proper oral health care. If you should ever suffer a TMJ disorder, it is important to be aware of the treatments that you can employ.

TMJ disorders have many causes that can lead to the ailment. If you have other underlying conditions in your mouth, it could potentially give rise to a damaged jawbone. This includes arthritis or bruxism. Furthermore, if your teeth and jaw are out of alignment and dislocated, or if you are continually partaking in bad habits that can exacerbate your jaw’s condition, you may suffer from a TMJ disorder.

Several treatments are available for TMJ disorders. If you’re feeling any pain, a heat pack can be helpful. If you are suffering from any inflammation, ice packs work wonders. Due to the relationship between stress and TMJ disorders, meditative therapies including yoga and biofeedback can be excellent stress relievers. Furthermore, exercise caution with any foods you are eating and avoid those substances that are extra chewy. You can also try to practice exercises to help strengthen your jaw. If you still need help with your TMJ disorder, visit your dentist for a night guard or a bite plate.

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